CQA Interview: Shawn

Courtesy: Shawn

Over the weekend at a friend’s pool party I ran into a guy with some seriously awesome hair (and style). I have to say, on a side note, that I am a huge supporter of men with curly hair who grow it out. It looks so fun, free, and different. It evokes a certain je ne sais quoi, love for life I guess, which is hugely enticing to be around.

A guy with grown-out curly hair was actually part of my inspiration for starting this blog, since he was a wedding photographer at my friend’s wedding and had literally 5 minutes to get the full rundown of my haircare process. That just would not do, so I created a quick and easy blog to share with my fellow curly heads.

That being said, I sort of “accosted” my new friend for information as to his haircare regimen. He was more than happy to oblige, so I am sharing it below.

Shampoo: Argan Oil shampoo
Conditioner: Argan Oil conditioner
Product: Post-shower, he applies Neutrogena Triple Moisture (but he switches it up all the time, as he should)
Cut: Roughly once a year, and he gets it cut wet
Salon: DnA Salon in Philly

If any guys are reading this, please “like” or comment below. I really want to help out all my brothas and sistas as much as I can!