A Wondrous Find!

I am so happy to have found my first product in some time that really warrants a *rave* post. I had read about the Q-Redew online quite extensively before finally deciding to suck it up and fork over the bucks to try it out. Let’s start with the stats:

Hair Type: Curly/Wavy and fine 2C (but when humidified, much curlier). Short cut, above my shoulders, but seriously layered.

Situation: I have always had to wash my hair every three to four days due to it getting super greasy, flat, and boring. Especially since I’ve cut it short. After the first or second day, I tend to wear it up if I have to look nice to go somewhere.

Q-Redew Appeal: I was told that this little hair humidifying device will add moisture, volume, curls, and sass to flagging curls. Realizing that Florida has such a glorious affect on my hair, I thought, well… it could work!

The item arrived, and it reminded me of a heavier version of a blow dryer with a diffuser attached. I was easily able to set it up by putting some water in the little reservoir up top and plugging it in for a few minutes like a curling iron. Once it was warmed up, I pressed the button on the bottom while moving it through my hair slowly.

The effect was almost instant — my formerly sad and greasy-feeling locks were reinvigorated with fresh joie de vivre. The greasy feeling went away and it just looked like it does when I step out of the shower in a very humid climate without using products to tamp it down. I could add some more conditioner to my hair before using it next time in order to control the frizzies. My hair didn’t get too wet, but was bit damp after a few minutes of use.

Note: Not for those who like their hair to resemble orderly ringlets. This device will really bring out your inner 80’s lady or gentleman.

Concerns: Will mold become a problem if the reservoir is not properly emptied and dried out? Also, do not get it too close to your scalp, or you will get a little burned.

Final Q-Review: Yes, I would buy this again any day! It’s a great way to skip a wash and keep your style fresh during the week.

Buy it here

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