Get Wet!

While lounging poolside over Memorial Day Weekend (important side note: thank you so much to our troops, I truly appreciate everything you’re doing for our country!) I read in In Style that the wet hair look is in right now. This is great news for us curl-meisters, we just have to be sure to do it the right way. When I worked for a large publishing house years ago, I’d attract looks of scorn when I’d run into the elevator amongst the most judgmental of beauty editors and fashionistas with my hair still wet from that morning’s shower.

As we all know, diffusers are often more trouble than they’re worth. Curly hair looks best when it’s left to air dry, and in the summer no one wants to go near a hair dryer if they don’t have central air. I’d eschew their silly rules and go wet anyway, and my hair would be dry and glorious by lunch time. It’s just the price you have to pay for bounteous curls. While I was working there, one of the big-name glossies actually had a blog post about how bad wet hair looks at work.

Well, preposterously fickle beauty world, now it’s ok to rock wet hair. This is thanks to new red-carpet looks that favor severely slicked-back ponys and buns. It’s especially beneficial since you can gloss your ends with your favorite oil treatment or conditioning glaze and no one will be the wiser!

How to do it:

1) Wash and condition as usual in the shower. Leave in a touch more conditioner than you normally would, because no one will know and it’s good for your hair. It will also increase drying time, leaving you wetter longer. Skip the gel at this point.

2) Before stepping out, quickly run your head under the water flow one last time, then squeeze mostly dry (don’t scrunch, you want to elongate strands).

3) With your head upside down over the tub, coat the hair nearest your hair line with gel, on top of and under your head. Just one dollop will do. Don’t worry about your ends since they will not be seen. Instead, coat ends with a few drops of an oil serum.

4) Still upside-down, twist all hair into a bun on top of your head (I prefer this step without elastic, keep reading). Straights can do a low ponytail, but we know we’ll end up with a frizzy mess. Buns are best, even if you choose to do a low bun at the nape of your neck to up the class factor.

5) Don’t fasten your bun with an elastic — instead, anchor the bun to your head in the desired position with as many bobby pins as it takes.

6) There should not be any stray hairs hanging out, if you have bangs or really short layers that are not contained in the bun, be sure to bobby-pin them so that they appear to be part of the bun.

I paired my wet bun with a small scarf (think handkerchief-sized, but more chic) from American Apparel for my commute to work in order to soak up the drippings. By the time I got to work, my hair was dry enough to whisk off my scarf, and voila!

My Soapbox

Good morning friends! So, I don’t mean to sound like I’m preaching at you all from atop my lofty soapbox, but I just have to be serious for a few minutes. Bear with me.

I’m sick and tired of being inundated with glossy magazines telling me what trends I should try, how I should look, what I should wear, and how I should look while wearing them. Usually it’s based on some stylist’s ideas, or celebrity looks, and as someone who used to work in the glossy industry I can tell you it’s mainly BS. Everything is written and photographed and manufactured to sell–sell clothes, accessories, make-up, hair care products, and advertising for the worst of the above. I mean everything.

When I worked for a certain shall-not-be-named publishing house, the magazines had sample sales where large conference rooms would be crammed with TONS of unused make-up, hair products, and even clothes and accessories. Literally, it would make you sick. Or filled with the glee of a 5-year-old on Christmas morning. These items were all sent to the writers completely free and completely full-sized, we’re not talking small samples here. Whenever a magazine features a product, look, or style, there is most likely some advertising or partnership behind it.

So while I’m probably damaging the prospect of any magazine favoring my blog henceforth, I just can’t pretend I don’t feel this way. So the jig is up, ladies and gents, I am saying it’s OK to be the way you are, just be the best of yourself. That’s what this blog is all about, finding a way to be happy and in love with the hair you were given at birth, and how to make it shine.

I guess that’s my mission statement!

Oh and I still love my magazines, don’t get me wrong. They are crammed with lots of helpful and fun tips, stories, and important health information. Just be sure to take some of it with a grain of salt. Figuratively speaking, of course 🙂