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All throughout my life, trails of comments, tears, and tons of product have plagued me. I swore that if I had only been born with straight hair, I’d have been one of the most confident and popular kids in school. As a child with long corkscrew curls, I was instructed by my free-spirited mother to tame my mane with a wet boar-bristle brush before going to school. On other days she would braid it, and as a tall gangly kid with enormous ears, I’d endure screams and taunts of “Dumbo!” and “Do your ears live in a different zip code?” from immature peers. Over time, I realized that I did not want to sport either the “triangle head” or “Dumbo” look anymore, and that I would not let my hair’s undeterrable nature define my style.

Sometime around 7th grade, I got on my bike and rode to a nearby Rite-Aid. This is where my obsession with product was born — there were creams, gels, shampoos, conditioners — you name it — that would promise to make my curls sleek and sumptuous, straight and shiny, or wild and voluminous. I wanted to try them all! I quickly acquired a shameful collection of half-used bottles and containers that collected dust under the bathroom sink after their promised purposes turned out to be nothing but slick advertising gimmicks.

Me enjoying some sunshine and nature

It was only after years and years of subjecting myself to the hopes of manageable hair, and often even dreams of long flowing silky-straight locks, that I decided that something had to change. I was discussing my qualms with a co-worker in my early twenties, and she told me about a book that changed my curly life. Read on to learn more about my experience with the tips that work and the ones that don’t quite, as well as additional tidbits that I’ve picked up over my years as a re-defined Curly Girl.

I also want to be sure that you realize that the wisdom contained in this blog applies to anyone with even a slight wave in their hair. I can guarantee that if you follow these tips, your hair will be healthier, shinier, and achieve as gorgeous a wave or curl as nature allows. I hope this blog inspires you to try a few new tricks, start conversations with your fellow curl-heads, and become confident in the fact that your hair is unique, gorgeous, powerful, and a beloved blessing straight from the hands of mother nature.

Once you’ve got a handle on maintenance, check out Tips & Tricks for weekly updates based on questions from readers and friends!

Curly Quotes

“Whether you are born with straight or curly hair, embrace what youโ€™re blessed with!” ~ Katrina

6 thoughts on “You’ve Made It!

  1. Your blog is AMAZING. I have very curly hair (you would never know). I have straightened it everyday since maybe 8th grade. Crazy, right? WHen I do wear it curly, people love it. This is going to be so helpful!! Yay!

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