Happy Summer Hair!


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Hello again my dear friends, the time has come to herald in the beginning of summer! Before you jump out onto the beach in all of your curly glory, I wanted to post a quick reminder of a few key elements to maintaining summer hair — then please be on your merry way!

Summer Hair Tips

  • Pack a travel-size bottle of conditioner/water mix or a light hair oil and apply to your wet hair immediately after exiting a pool or ocean. Conditioner/water mix should be 2/3 conditioner, 1/3 oil, and the top should be very secure! Keep it in a zip-lock bag as well, because any leakage will put a major “damper” on the day.
  • If you find yourself biking, horseback riding or partaking in any other activity that requires a helmet, the best way to keep hair pretty is to tie it in a loose braid and cover your head with a soft handkerchief. Silk or satin is best. When you arrive and are ready to unfurl the curl, just take the bandana off, untie the braid, fluff up from underneath at the roots, and voila. This helps majorly with cutting back on frizz, too. Braids are your best friends in the summer; more on this coming soon.
  • Summer humidity is no excuse to stop oil treatments — you just don’t need to do them as often. Roughly once a month you should apply an oil treatment overnight, or at least for a few hours. If you want to exercise or go out in public during a treatment, cover hair/plastic cap with a cute hair wrap or scarf and, if you’re just strolling around town, wear a long flow-y dress. Men may choose to skip the dress, and while oil treatments aren’t as necessary because guys tend to cut their hair more often, they should do it every other month to maintain a silky, frizz-free sheen.
  • Hair grows faster this time of year, so if you feel yourself itching for a cut before it’s time to go to the salon, try to trim it yourself. Curls mask a lot of cutting errors, and you will get better as you practice. You can always have it cleaned up at your next appointment.
  • Lastly, check out some of my favorite summer hair styles below, and you’ll be sure to get a chuckle from this curly buzzfeed post! May your summer be safe, happy, healthy, and beautiful!

Hot Summer Hairstyles

  1. Get Wet
  2. Braid Bonanza (coming soon!)
  3. NaturallyCurly.com Top 10 Summer Hairstyles

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