Post-Sandy Relief

Post-Sandy wreckage.

Sometimes our curls have to take a back seat to more pressing issues involving those in dire need. In the wake of hurricane/cyclone Sandy, many people in my community in Brooklyn, and New York City as a whole, are working very hard to right some wrongs and to help people and animals who have lost housing, food, warmth, and possibly even family and friends. If you can’t be there to help in person, please click on one of the links below to donate now. Just take the amount you’d spend on a new product, or the money you’ve been saving by NOT using as many products now that you’ve been enlightened (yay!), and give it to one of the noble and needy charities below.

Red Hook Initiative
Occupy Sandy
The Humane Society

These people and causes exist every day throughout the world, and we must not ever forget! If you feel as I do, please sign up for iGive, a super quick and easy way to donate to your favorite charity when you shop at several popular online stores. It requires nothing more of you than signing up and logging in, and every time you make a purchase from one of the participating sites, a portion of the sale will go to your chosen charity. It really couldn’t be easier–or more satisfying. (Totally helps justify that unnecessary $200 bluefly order, btw). Thank you all, and I hope you are safe and well.

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