Switch it up!

Every once in a while, even after you’ve perfected your hair care routine, things will get a little stale and you’ll notice that your strands are getting frizzed out more easily, or greasier, or more weighted down than usual. Aside from the usual remedies to this, you can also try switching up the routine. I’ve always kept a few different conditioners (all high-quality, of course) and gels on hand for this purpose.

Lately, for example, my hair hasn’t been itself and I’ve been getting annoyed with it. I noticed that I didn’t have my AnGell in the shower with me, so I went without and just put the Devachan Tress Effects gel on when I got out of the shower and after blotting my hair dry. I noticed that it felt bouncier, cleaner, and happier, so I’ve been doing that for the past couple of weeks now. When I notice things getting stale again, I may switch my conditioner for a few weeks, the way I style it, when I style it (morning vs. night before bed), etc. Hair seems to like a break from routine as much as we do!

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